Bond Renewal

Approximately 60 days before your bond or policy’s anniversary / expiration date you will receive a renewal invoice in the mail from Western Surety or CNA Surety. 

If you do not receive a renewal invoice at least 30 days in advance, please email us your name, billing address and phone number so we can have a duplicate invoice forwarded to you. 

The best way to pay your renewal is by sending a check with the renewal invoice in the enclosed envelope referencing your bond/policy number.

 Western Surety/CNA Surety can only take checks mailed to them for renewal. If you want to pay by credit card you can on this website or by calling Dimirak Financial’s office during business hours.

We still have to mail a check for your renewal, but we will inform the surety company that payment has been sent to prevent your surety bond or policy from being canceled.

 We have a renewal payment Link that charges a $3.00 fee to cover what the credit card service charges us.

 Note: Tax Preparer bonds are continuous until canceled, you will not receive a new bond each renewal. Your bond number will remain the same. 

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